About CCB

Coast Center Base (CCB) is located at Ågotnes in Fjell municipality, about a 20 minute drive from the center of Bergen. The company has been in operation since 1973 and has built up considerable expertise as a service provider, in technical maintenance and harbour operations. The base, which covers about 7 hectares, has 1000 metres of quays, some with a very good water depth (50 m) and no weight limits, 68,600 m2 of workshops and warehouses and 20,600 m2 of office buildings. CCB is the main base for supply activities to the petroleum fields in the Tampen area of the North Sea. These are Statfjord, Gullfaks, Veslefrikk, Troll, Huldra and Kvitebjørn fields.

We offer

  • Provision of services and supply to the petroleum activities offshore
  • The North Sea basin's largest subsea community with an offshore subsea test well reachable from quay.
  • Harbour terminal services for traditional line shipping
  • Maintenance services - IRM - for rigs and vessels


Coast Center Base AS is owned by Bernh. Larsen Holding AS (50%) and NorSea Group AS (50%).


CCB is centrally located in the Hjeltefjord basin on the shipping lane into Bergen. Sture, Kollsnes and Hanøytangen are all just a short distance away. Central Bergen, Flesland airport and the industrial estates of Kokstad and Sandsli are all within a 30 to 40 minute drive. The proximity to these centers makes CCB a natural first choice for activities in the petroleum as well as related industries within Hordaland County.

Supply base

CCB has a flexible and efficient multiple use terminal where customers are offered complete logistics solutions. The terminal has well qualified staff in the various logistics disciplines, no less than 800 metres of deep water quays with associated project facilities and a large terminal area with ro-ro quay. We offer goods handling with a first class fleet of machines, as well as warehousing, and indoor/ outdoor storage. We also provide ships clearance, customs clearance, forwarding and transport services.

Maintenance centre

Our unique harbour and quay facilities enable the latest generation of semi submersible rigs to call at the base. Ships of 220,000 dwt have utilised CCBs harbour facilities. Services include special periodic maintenance and repairs (SPS). In cooperation with our network of suppliers, we are able to provide a timely and efficient turnaround at competitive prices.

Subsea and competence centre

The Ågotnes area currently hosts the largest subsea community in the North Sea basin. The industry's major equipment manufacturers and service companies have chosen our location for their businesses. Bergen University College has been working with the largest subsea companies to establish a unique educational opportunity at Ågotnes/Straume.

Ågotnes industrial estate

Some 130 companies providing approximately 2500 jobs are located in the Ågotnes Industrial estate. CCB has been the driving force for the development of this industrial estate since 1973. Today CCB is the host for 68 of the 130 companies, employing approximately 1,500 persons.

Ågotnes Næringspark

Ågotnes Næringspark AS is owned 50/50 by Coast Center Base and Ågotnes Industripark AS. The company's core activity is development of industrial areas (part of the Ågotnes Industrial estate). To-day, the company owns a total of 13 hectares of land which has been developed.  Additionally, the company is in process of acquiring some 20 hectars of new land.

Contact: Cristian Valdes Carter, General Manager, 56 31 44 31 / mob: 45 66 34 34

CCB Kollsnes

Together with Naturgassparken AS, Coast Center Base (50/50) established the company CCB Kollsnes AS. The company is conducted by CCB and located at Naturgassparken in Øygarden municipality. The companys aim is to provide logistics services with focus on renewable energy companies.

Contact: Oscar Eide General Manager, tel: +47 56 32 31 78 / mob: +47 900 49 110

CCB Helgelandsbase

CCB Helgelandsbase is located in Sandnessjøen and is the main supply base for the Norne field in the Norwegian Sea. The company also provide logistics services to oil companies in connection with exploration and production activities between N 65.30 and N 68. CCB holds 51% of the companys shares.

Contact: Jann G. Winsents, Managing Director, tel: +47 75 07 03 30 / mob: +47 915 60 755

CCB Vardø Barents Base

CCB Vardø Barents Base AS (VBB) is located by the city of Vardø in Finnmark County. VBB's main purpose is to provide logistic services to the oil and gas industry in both the Norwegian and Russian sectors of the eastern Barents Sea.CCB owns 50% of the company. The remaining 50% is owned equally by Bjørn Dæhlie and Vivian Lorentzen.

Contact: Cristian Valdes Carter, General Manager, 56 31 44 31 / mob: 45 66 34 34

CCB Kirkenesbase

CCB Kirkenesbase AS location in Kirkenes is strategic for oil and rig companies whose activities are carried out in the north eastern Barents Sea. CCB owns 51% of the company. The remaining is owned equally by Barlindhaug Eiendom AS and Bergen Group Kimek AS.

Contact: Cristian Valdes Carter, General Manager, 56 31 44 31 / mob: 45 66 34 34

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