Technical department

The technical department provides technical- and environmental services in areas expected to be available at a base or port environment. The services represent a supplement in the supply chain.

The employees are constantly challenged by the increasing quality requirements to focus on expertise, specialisation and the facilitation of installations.

The technical department has 35 permanent employees

Our services include:

  • Workshop for mobilisation and maintenance of subsea equipment, stock keeping, pressure testing, recertification and preservation.
  • Bunkering of diesel, LNG and water
  • Bulk handling of drilling chemicals, both wet and dry products
  • Chemicals , stock keeping and racking off
  • Waste reception , all types
  • LRA/NORM: Removal of low radioactive deposits, classification and storage
  • Cleaning of load carriers, road tankers, process equipment, drillpipe etc. 100-2,000 bar.



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