People are our most important resource. Health, safety and environment (HSE) are principally about maintaining, and preferably improving the quality of life. It is vital that we all have the right focus and motivation when it comes to the systematic development of HSE. A good approach may be "a little each day, all the time". Often, we do not realise what quality of life is until it is gone. Many associate HSE with laws and regulations, but above all HSE is a practical subject. It is within operations that HSE results are created. The laws, regulations, instructions and procedures are constructive tools for achieving our objectives of zero injuries, zero material damage and zero emissions to the environment.


Our objectives are zero injuries, accidents, work related illness or illegal spills to the environment.  We will secure safe operations and protect human recourses, environment, society and property. CCBs policy is to organize our work and operations within safety limits. CCB will have an HSE-culture in motion. To maintain this, we emphasize a continuously HSE focus that involve all employees and all processes. Involvement is important to engage, but to secure an HSE proactive profile; we must comply with laws and regulations. We strive to take on new challenges, regardless the complicity.


Our objectives are always to deliver products and services with correct quality. Through the quality management system CCB will in a systematic way, make sure that the quality in our deliveries fulfill the demands from society, customers and our own expectations. We will cooperate closely with our customers to fulfill their demands and expectations to our products and services. CCB will contribute with all our experience and competence to find solutions to challenges ahead. In that way we want to stand out as focused on the task, knowledgeable and as a positive preferred partner.

Our products and services shall always comply with both CCB and customers’ demands. CCB will work systematically developing its products and its services to accommodate internal and external changes. We shall serve several independent markets.

CCB will show flexibility and act as an effective supplier based on experience and a solid network, offering products and services with accurate quality and a high level of service. 

We define the same demands to our partners as we do to ourselves. 

Environmental policies

We have a target of zero acute or illegal emissions and damage to the external environment surrounding the base.

We will carry out our work in such way that it minimizes impact on the external environment. We will have knowledge of how our processes influence the external environment, continuously monitor it, and improve our processes to further minimize our environmental impact, and influence our business partners to do the same.

Through the organization’s management system, we have establish procedures to perform our activities in line with governmental, customers’ expectations and according to our own requirements to safeguard the external environment.




- All incidents are created by people

British researcher James Reason said that all incidents are created by people, and therefore all incidents can be prevented. This is our starting point, and we are no longer talking about good or bad luck, but about how skilled we are to prevent. That is why the concept "safety minded" has become one of our central




Barriers - safety placed in a system

If our working environment is to be safe at all times, we must focus on risks. We therefore have a conscious attitude towards safety barriers. It is important for the entire organisation to have ownership of the barriers. Both management and employees have vital roles. With inspiration from international aviation safety work, we have developed our own barrier model to safeguard - and give responsibility to - the entire organisation.



We use recognised HSE tools for continuous improvement. We learn through our non-conformance system for gaining knowledge and improvement. We carry out health and safety inspections at various levels of the organisation (management, department and project), as well as performing audits, basic safety courses, open safety discussions and more than 2,000 pre-job conversations annually. We also make use of other recognised HSE tools, such as the safe job analysis (SJA), and general analyses to review and quantify our risk areas. All this is in compliance with our quality management system, which is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001.



Working towards our vision of zero incidents and injuries, we remain humble towards the challenges involved for some of our activities. We recognise that sometimes the consequences are large, and that we may never cross the finish line regarding our systematic HSE work; new employees, new technology as well as new requirements will always challenge and make us stretch towards new solutions. In this dynamic, our goal is to make the road ahead as broad and as straight as possibly. Energetic drive and efficiency is the key.







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